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How to Watch VR Porn on an iPhone?

Virtual reality offers a dramatically immersive way of enjoying your favorite porn videos. Watch your fantasy scenes come to life in a simulated environment where you are not just a viewer but an eager, very much willing participant. Once you’ve gone the VR route, you may find that the conventional manner of enjoying porn, as a detached viewer, is not as pleasurable as the “physical interaction that virtual reality offers. The great news is, you can now use your iPhone to watch virtual porn whenever and wherever the urge hits you.

While VR porn may be associated more with Android devices or bulky headsets, it can also be enjoyed fully using just your iPhone. You will just need to set up your phone so it’s ready to transport you to a whole new world, where your deepest sexual fantasies are just waiting to come to life – and for you to come as hard as you can.

Watch VR Porn on Your iPhone with a Headset

A VR headset is crucial if you want to enjoy your porn in the most realistic manner possible. There are numerous options you can choose from, depending on your budget and maybe your urgent need to have a headset so you can get to wanking in the soonest possible time. If you’re pressed for time, you can check your local Walmart or Target for inexpensive VR headsets which will only set you back a couple of bucks.

You can also go online to check out a variety of VR headsets you can set up with your iPhone, such as View-Master and Google Cardboard. When searching for a headset that is compatible with your phone, you need to specify your iPhone model to come up with the most relevant search results. Your phone will fit into the headset and will act as a head tracker and display. Your phone’s sensors will work with the eyepieces on the headset to come up with a realistic experience, letting you feel the pleasure and action in the most immersive ways.

How to Watch VR Porn without a Headset

You can also enjoy iPhone VR porn without a headset by downloading your favorite adult entertainment material. First, you will need to download 2 apps from the App Store – Documents by Readdle, and Mobile VR Station. As soon as you have these apps installed on your phone, you can start searching for and downloading the adult content you’ve been fantasizing about.

Use the Documents app to open a web browser, and then you can go to a site such as VRPorn to search for the video that you want to download. Be sure to choose the download link for “Smartphone” to get a format that is compatible with your iPhone. You have the option to rename the file and choose where you want to save it so you can easily find it every time (or maybe for discretion)?

Are you ready for the ultimate in viewing pleasure? Go to Documents by Readdle to access the Downloads folder, where your downloaded video is located. Check the video and choose the Share option, and then click on the “Import with Mobile VR Station” option. Your VR porn video will automatically open in the Mobile VR Station app. At first, it will seem like you’re watching the video in a theater, but this will soon transform into an ultra-realistic 360-degree experience that’ll have you wanking and coming in record time.