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There are lots of sites that you can stream on your tablet legally, but not all of them are worth using. Here are our top picks.

Yahoo View

This site offers several original programs. They partnered with Hulu in 2016 to stream popular ABC, NBC, and Fox show episodes. Yahoo View hosts the latest five episodes from television shows running on these networks.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV gives access to free TV shows and movies from any device. Users can download the Tubi TV app on their tablets, phones, or streaming devices. Thousands of programs are available after downloading the app.

It is free to sign up, and you can sync your queue across all devices. Even when switching to a different device, you can begin watching your movie or show where you left off.

Most of the latest movies on Tubi TV are action flicks from big studios, not indie productions or low-budget B-movies. Hundreds of quality titles are available in other genres, including drama and comedy.


This streaming site gives access to a myriad of movies and television shows. Most of them are anime, documentaries, and indie productions. The site also offers access to a lot of short films and original web content.

Free Movies Cinema

This site features a selection of content that is carefully curated from a variety of sources. Membership is not required to see any of the content. Most of the content is indie productions. It’s a concoction of low-budget and fan-made films.

Pluto TV

Boasting a wealth of great content, Pluto TV works slightly differently – you browse over a hundred channels instead of selecting a television show or movie to watch. A variety of programming is offered. You will find a mixture of broadcast network television shows, original content, documentaries, independent films, news, web series, and more.


Popcornflix is currently available in North America. Among the platforms it works on are web browsers, gaming consoles, and streaming devices. At first, most of the content was independently produced. Now, they’ve started including top-quality Hollywood action, drama, and comedy films. To view a full-length movie, you have to watch commercials because the content is ad-supported.

Top Documentary Films

This web-based streaming website offers exactly what its name suggests. The documentaries on this site look at a large range of topics. There are documentaries on society, science, sports, technology, religion, and many more.