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2019 will be a great year for new phones. We’ve already seen some great offers, from flagships like the Galaxy S10 to bargains like the Moto G7 Power. This year, you can expect many foldable phones like Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X.Wireless carriers and device makers are racing to start marketing the first 5G phones as networks based on the new connectivity standard begin coming online this year.

New iPhones (Fall 2019)

The new iPhones are said to feature the dual-lens camera setup. It’s likely there won’t be 3D Touch to keep expenses down. Other reports involve three cameras on the back. Still, others claim that Apple might copy the 3D cameras from Sony to make sophisticated room scanning capability, gesture control in games, and more possible.

Samsung Galaxy Fold (April 2019)

Samsung’s been warning of the release of its first foldable Smartphone for quite some time and that time has finally come. Sadly, it’s a bit pricey at $1,980. The phone combines a massive 7.3-inch panel on the inside with 4.6-inch Infinity Flex display on the outside. And Samsung has put a lot of effort into making the experience of switching between screens seamless. Anything open on the exterior screen is displayed when you open the device instantly for a bigger look thanks to a feature called App Continuity. There will be 512GB of storage built in, a combined six cameras across the inside and outside,and 12GB of RAM to keep all those multi-windowed apps humming along.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (May 2019)

A 5G version of the Galaxy S10 is coming next month, which will be based on the speedier networks to be launched by wireless carriers this year. Samsung’s 5G features a modem, a massive 6.7-inch display, and a 3D camera joining the triple lenses on the back. A time-of-flight sensor is integrated within the two front cameras. The result is more 3D capabilities, including a new portrait video effect that will bring background blurs to video.

We can’t wait for all these super offerings in 2019. The only downside is that they can be kind of costly, but hey, it’s a matter of priority. You’ll be the envy of all your friends with one of these. Just keep an eye on it at all times and if you’re not an attentive type, at least get the thing insured!